Students attend Biomaterials Day

Keith Cook

Oct 11, 2017

Graduate students from Carnegie Mellon University recently attended Biomaterials Day at the University of Michigan on October 6.  The event was sponsored by the Society for Biomaterials. CMU graduate student presenters included Jaci Bliley, Santiago Carrasquilla, Anna Kalmykov, Angela Lai, Sahil Rastogi, and Rei Ukita.

Students and biomaterials day

Source: College of Engineering

BME/MSE Professor Chris Bettinger and College of Engineering students at Biomaterials Day.

CMU students won best podium presentation awards in two of the four presentation sessions: Rei Ukita for his talk “Sheep and Rabbit Models for Evaluating Low-Fouling Zwitterionic Polymer Coatings in Artificial Lungs” and Sahil Rastogi for his talk “Graphene-Based Biocompatible and Transparent Micro-Electrodes to Enable Simultaneous Electrical and Optical Studies in Neurons.”